Who we are, what we do.

Building on Experience

Founded by Carmen Marleen Schliesser

With over 5 years of experience in Social Media Management and Webdesign,
3 years of a BA in International Business, and building a personal brand with 119.000 followers, Veb is the next chapter in offering my knowledge to others to help them build their business and brand online.


Supporting other founders by making their visions and ideas grow in digital media is my main reason for having founded Veb.


Our way of working

Quality through focus

Why we don't do everything

We believe in focusing on the essentials to allocate time and ressources where they make the highest difference and lead to the most growth and progress for your business: Social Media Marketing and a great Website.

Bringing in Digital Natives

We're exactly what your team needs

We believe our experience is unique for your business. Growing up with the Digital Media has provided us with a unique understanding of the Internet and Social Media Networks - making us a great addition to your team!

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